Life is always a good. (John Paul II)


“Stand up for life!” is a very simple idea. We want every human life to be respected. That’s all. To achieve that, we have created a webpage with pro-life arguments presented in an accessible way. It is enough that you share the content that interests you on social media. Your friends will send them forward into the world. There’s a fat chance you’ll fill the Internet with some decent pro-life info. You just need to act a little. As John Paul II said: “Stand up for life!”. Let’s do it!

The “Stand up for life!” project was created as part of statutory activity of the Polish Association for the Protection of Human Life, a Polish public interest organization. The Association has been taking action to protect every human life from conception until natural death by means of education, charity and lobbying.

Design by Jaga Mączka. Photos of St. John Paul II: Grzegorz Gałązka.


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